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Bstudio Presents Mr. William J. Gilchrist

William Gilchrist, celebrity stylist, design consultant, commercial photographer, story teller, man about town and  martini enthusiast.

Now at Bstudio Style we proudly present to you a friend which we admire because of his ongoing journey and fine taste for what life has given him as a gift and natural talent, it’s a privilege and a honor to share with you all, part of the outstanding and fun life Mr. William have share with us in this interview, and of course his love for his writing instrument… .

We hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


Miguel A. Briones

“The Power of Thoughts”

Happiest on or by the ocean, William Gilchrist is a London and Napoli based fashion stylist and design consultant. Known for his rock n roll blend of sartorial glamour, attention to craftsmanship and love of quality, practicality and great design, his fine tuned aesthetic has led him on a wonderful ongoing journey through the world and the world of fashion. 

Always accompanied by his camera and whilst continuing his journey in styling, William is branching out into the world of commercial photography – a natural extension of his passion for aesthetics and story telling. 

Celebrity clients include members of the Rolling Stones over many world tours, Jude Law, Benicio del Toro, Rami Malek, Pedro Pascal, John Hurt, Michael Caine, Jeremy Irons, James McAvoy, Gary Oldman, George Clooney, Steven Hawking and Sergei Polunin, to name just a few.

He has held positions as fashion editor/director at Arena Magazine, Details Magazine and Jack Magazine, and has contributed to L’Uomo Vogue, Esquire, GQ and Telegraph Luxury among many others. His design, consultancy and styling work with brands include Versace, Moschino, McQueen Menswear, Giorgio Armani, Oliver Spencer, Hackett, Dunhill, Belstaff, Hamilton & Hare and Nike. 

His favorite book is “The People Of Paper” by Salvador Plascencia and his ideal dinner table would include the sailor Moitessier, Keith Richards, Claudia Cardinale, Gabriel García Márquez, Patti Smith, Arundati Roy, Gio Ponti, Yves Saint Laurent, Massimo Bottura and always a place laid for the unexpected guest.

Mariana Briones: What was you childhood like and how did you transform these experiences into a career in fashion?

William Gilchrist: Well they say variety is the spice of life and my love of cooking and spices stems from a childhood of variety. Living in different countries such as Kenya, Mauritius and Oman meant I was exposed to different cultures, both local and expat, and that is something that I carried through into my work. Being freelance means each project is different from the next: be it the intended market, or where the job is taking place. That is a choice I made early on, the prospect of working in a fixed place made no sense to me at all.

MB: Who are your favorite artists and how does art inspire your fashion styling?

WG: Favourite artists range from Picasso to Michelangelo. John Chamberlain’s use of color and texture is always a pleasure, as is Gordon Matta Clark’s way of creative negative space into buildings; his way of looking at buildings as a medium for his sculpture is always a reminder not to look at anything in any singular way.

Art like music can be incredibly disappointing and infuriating but then something climbs inside and reanimates your soul. How does this inspire my styling? In many ways, the obvious ones being the use of textures and colors but also the approach of the artist from the sensitive to the violent.

MB: You often use the Pelikan Souveran Fountain Pen M800, is this your preferred writing instrument and if so why?

WG: I started using the PS M800 about 15 years ago. I’m left handed and have always struggled to use a fountain pen. In my early years there were those that wanted to stop me using my left hand but they and their ridiculous theories were banished. However it meant that writing with a fountain pen was difficult. I even had a nib designed for me as part of a study, I hated it and embraced the biro. But then my love of the nib and the flow of the ink led me back to the fountain pen.

A lovely shop called Penfriend, that used to be in Burlington Arcade, allowed me to try different nibs, and there I found that I was able to use a fountain pen as a left hander. At the time I was also flying a lot, and this pen doesn’t leak. That is how I met the M800 and we have remained friends ever since.

MB: You have collaborated with the Rolling Stores for over 15 years, what surprises you and what inspires you about them?

WG: Well in the words of Carly Simon, Nobody does it better, and that includes the amazing musicians and team behind the scenes who make them the legends that they are. It’s really about the music, and I love it. It was a privilege to have heard them live so many times and always a thrill.

MB: You have lived in many places, where do you feel most at home?

WG: If I could burn all flags and passports I would. I love diverse cultures and the people I’ve met over the years but still struggle to consider anywhere home. The nearest I have got to that is Naples, she’s unique and I hope to be able to consider her home, though the Brexit vote has made things rather difficult, not to mention a global pandemic. But she’s the one for me.

MB: How would you describe your personal style? Beyond dressing, how does one’s style manifest in our every day lives?

WG: My personal style, well I enjoy the fine work of the artisan and I’m lucky enough to have some bespoke clothing. English tailors such as Richard Anderson who makes a fine “suit of armour”, as I think of a good suit, and always have in my case, are an important part of my wardrobe. I also very much like the understated nonchalance of the Neapolitan tailors. 

I guess my personal style is a mixture of the rough and the smooth and not hiding behind things. If theres nothing I can do then that’s exactly what I do, but before that happens there is so much we can do, and enjoying and learning is a large part of living life.

MB: How do you record your life’s journey?

WG: I always carry a camera and enjoy photography a lot. I often carry a memo pad. There’s something about the line of the ink on the paper that makes even a simple list a more pleasing memory or reminder. 

MB: What has been your most important life lesson so far?

WG: That there is beauty in the oddest of places and lessons to learn from the shallowest of places… and that a martini can never be too dry.

You can follow or contact Mr. William J. Gilchrist in his IG account, click here or in his web site,

By Mariana Briones

About Mariana Briones our collaborator

Mariana Briones is a Mexican US based journalist and producer. She has published articles for magazines including Newsweek, Elle, Marie Claire and Cine Premiere, and has worked as line producer for Canal + and Television Espanola among other networks. 

Throughout her career she has interviewed over 100 international personalities including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Bradley Cooper, Alex Wang and Oscar de la Renta.

Based in Miami Mariana is now a special editions editor for Ferraez Publications of America and a freelance PR constant. She recently launched Mariana Basso, an artisanal line of gold and silver plated accessories and decorative objects made by silversmiths in Mexico City. 

You can follow and contact Mariana in her IG account @marianabassodesigns and @agavediaries

By Miguel A Briones

I am a professional photographer with different specialties like fashion, glamour, fine art, nature and wildlife, stock, advertising, editorial, travel, aerial and more

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