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Bstudio Presents Alexander Boyarsky…

Alexander Boyarsky was born in 1970 in the city of Kemerovo, Russia. In 1988 he graduated from the Open People’s University of Fine Arts specializing in easel painting. Today he works as an artist, designer and calligrapher, and also manages a calligraphy studio in the city of Novosibirsk where he has had a number of personal exhibitions, including “Calligraphy Made Easy” in the Novosibirsk Centre for Science and “Once It’s In Written” in the city’s State Open Research Library. His exhibition “Exposed Calligraphy” was also displayed in the Russian cities of Tomsk, Irkutsk and Kazan.
Boyarsky is the  author of the School of Historical Calligraphy and the Experimental Calligraphy projects. His love of all penmanship and especially Russian cursive writing have positioned him as a leader in his field.

Our Journey continues…, and as a promise to you, our friends, pen enthusiast, authors, calligraphy lovers, architects, designers and more, to share with you the outstanding work and art of the finest talented artist world wide and get close to them as they share with us, not only their art, but their most intimate and deep moments in their growth, learning and fulfillment with what they love the most.

This time, at Bstudio Style, we had the enormous privilege and honor to get to meet Alexander Boyarsky and share with you his unique and amazing art.

Enjoy his interview, your’s truly,

Miguel A. Briones

“The Power of Thoughts”

BStudio: How did you become interested in calligraphy?
Alexander Boyarsky: I have been interested in this art form since childhood. In 1983 I got a job as an artist’s assistant, there I learned about calligraphy; after that I worked as an artist in different cities, but I was always writing, letters were the main theme of my work. 

BS: What are your favorite instruments? Does the writing tool dictate the look of calligraphy?
AB: I really love working with flat nibs, I also really enjoy working with various ruling pens, I have a large collection of them. Lately I have been using  fountain pens. A good, high-quality tool affects the quality of work, and it is more pleasant to work with a beautiful tool.

BS: How does your Russian background affect your art?
AB: Russian calligraphy has a very strong potential, I have discussed this topic with many famous calligraphers in the West, and here our views are similar. For the last few years I have been working quite deeply with Russian cursive writing, I think this is one of the most complex handwritten calligraphies. It is a very delicate, elegant and strong letter. 

BS: Who are your favorite calligraphers of all time and why?
AB: Hermann Zapf, Rudolf Koch, Albert Capr, Villa Toots, Bennardinho Cataneo and many others, these are just a few of those whose art I like. Why do I like them? Because they are talented and each has their own powerful style!

BS: Why is it important to preserve this art form? Do you feel that it is properly appreciated?
AB: Calligraphy has been on the rise in the world and in Russia for several years now, and this popularity has not subsided. Today calligraphy is not as needed as before, there is no need to write letters, you can send SMS or email… But a message written on paper, even with a simple pen, can clearly demonstrate how important and necessary the person you are writing to is for you. So I don’t think the letter will ever disappear.
BS: How do you create synergy between the writing instrument, ink, paper and the mind?
AB: I will honestly say that I don’t know how I manage to write my works; but I practice a lot, write a lot, know perfectly the many different elements, the handwritings and styles… but how these components turn out to make a whole composition is a mystery to me.

BS: What role does symmetry play in calligraphy? Can you balance it with spontaneity?
AB: In professional calligraphy mastering concepts such as symmetry and asymmetry is a necessary condition for harmonious writing. Learning to balance things like rhythm, speed, tilt, pressure, proportionality of letters, composition, form and counter-form are all indispensable for serious work. Without these there is no beautiful letter. BS: What do you think of BStudio products and how do they complement the calligrapher’s lifestyle?
AB: I think that you are doing a good job: Beautiful instruments need beautiful cases, it is necessary and convenient. I myself have several pencil cases made of leather that I constantly use when I go to a master class or travel to other cities.

more images from Alexander Boyarsky.

You can follow and contact Alexander Boyarzky in his IG account, @alexandrboyarsky

About Mariana Briones our collaborator

Mariana Briones is a Mexican US based journalist and producer. She has published articles for magazines including Newsweek, Elle, Marie Claire and Cine Premiere, and has worked as line producer for Canal + and Television Espanola among other networks. 

Throughout her career she has interviewed over 100 international personalities including Sir Anthony Hopkins, Richard Gere, Julia Roberts, Clint Eastwood, Diane von Furstenberg, Bradley Cooper, Alex Wang and Oscar de la Renta.

Based in Miami Mariana is now a special editions editor for Ferraez Publications of America and a freelance PR constant. She recently launched Mariana Basso, an artisanal line of gold and silver plated accessories and decorative objects made by silversmiths in Mexico City. 

You can follow and contact Mariana in her IG account @marianabassodesigns and @agavediaries

By Miguel A Briones

I am a professional photographer with different specialties like fashion, glamour, fine art, nature and wildlife, stock, advertising, editorial, travel, aerial and more


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