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Back to The Desert, Juan Manuel De La Rosa 1945-2021

At Bstudio we have values ​​that transcend beyond this world and we firmly believe in the important legacy that each of us leaves with our actions for future generations.

We know and comment that in the beginning our website would be to have fun and have conversations and the growth that goes hand in hand with what we love the most, which is art.

But we will also undoubtedly have sad moments to share and the richness of a legacy like the one left to us by the Great Artist Juan Manuel De la Rosa, who today has embarked on a new journey, which is undoubtedly a see you soon.

For me it is a privilege to have shared pleasant moments with him, being family for some time, and having a friendship of many years and having collaborated with him in several of his projects as a photographer of his works of art.

At some point we were traveling companions, with anecdotes and very funny experiences, I was just a child when we went to his homeland, Zacatecas.

I would like to share who Juan Manuel De la Rosa was, briefly, part of his long career as an artist and a great human being.

Juan Manuel De la Rosa, was born in 1945 in Sierra Hermosa, Zacatecas, Mexico.

Study in the Plastic Arts workshop of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon (1962-63); at the School of Painting, Sculpture and Engraving “La Esmeralda”, INBA (1964-68); at the University of Guanajuato (1969-71). He was awarded a scholarship by the government of Nuevo Leon to study and work at the Atelier Clot et Bramsen and at the School of Fine Arts in Paris and at the Dimitri Papagueorguiu workshop in Madrid (1974-75). Throughout his career he has carried out specialized studies on different techniques for making handmade paper (in the vat) in countries such as Egypt, the United States, Fiji and Japan. He has taught courses of this specialty in different institutions and of course a number of individual exhibitions, between biennials, contests, collectives around the world.

This is a tribute to the memory of Juan Manuel, who in some way influenced my life as an artist and my career as a professional photographer.

“Back in the Desert…, may he rest in peace!

This two pieces were done at his studio when Juan Manuel’s son, Pablo Emiliano was only 4 years old, they did it together, of course this piece is one of my favorites because of the memories.

Catalogs collaborations.

Dedication and private collection.

Some of his work

We will remember you always…

By Miguel A. Briones

By Miguel A Briones

I am a professional photographer with different specialties like fashion, glamour, fine art, nature and wildlife, stock, advertising, editorial, travel, aerial and more


  1. Amazing recognition of an incredible artist. Thank you for sharing his trajectory, his art is breath taking.

  2. The rich content and the indisputable respect with which you have prepared this award, has invited us to enjoy and recognize once again the great talent without limits of Juan Manuel de la Rosa.I had the great joy of visiting his workshop in Paris and of being a participant in the work he was creating at that time. How can I forget Rosalía’s great surprise, when she discovered that it was me who was knocking on the door of her house in Paris.
    Miguel Angel, thank you many for sharing.

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