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Atmospheres Suzuri

Bstudio Atmospheres Suzuri

A perfectly pitched playlists. 

At Bstudio we love music, and try to always create and appropriate mood for every occasion, so we thought…, why don’t we start by creating and sharing a special playlist for you.

There are those who hover over the office sound system, or roost near the speakers at dinner parties, fingers poised, always with a clear idea of which tune should come next in the queue. And then there are those who have no time, desire or inclination to play resident DJ while relaxing, reading, writing, or simply trying to enjoy a conversation. 

The Bstudio Atmospheres Suzuri was created with the latter foremost in mind—a dependable playlists, instilling a distinct mood, for focusing, relaxing or engaging in inspiration pursuits. 

With constant alerts, pings and other distractions, technology can make it difficult to concentrate and Suzuri is on the task at hand. In response, Suzuri offers a sumptuous bath of sounds to bring immediate calm to turbulent environments and focus to restless minds. Perfect for studying, working, reading, writing,  preventing procrastination, also suitable for yoga, meditation, sleep-ins and slow Sundays.

Explore Bstudio Atmospheres Suzuri on the platform below.

By Miguel A Briones

I am a professional photographer with different specialties like fashion, glamour, fine art, nature and wildlife, stock, advertising, editorial, travel, aerial and more

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